“Ricardo’s a sorcerer, a magician who vivifies sheet metal. People are awestruck by the beauty and scale of his work,and the way his animals seem so real, the way he fashions sheet metal into muscle and bone, the way he captures motion.”

Gordon Lee Johnson

“I love this place so much. Great place to adventure too. Picnicking welcome! Pets welcome! Tours buses and car clubs welcomed! Photography groups also welcomed!”

Lianna A.
Moreno Valley, CA

“All I can say is ‘WOW’, this is an Outdoor Art Museum. The owner is great, and I learned so much about his work. Chances are that you’ve seen the metal mustangs jumping over your car while driving East down the 79 by Vail Lake RV Resort (if you drive 79 at night you’ll swear there’s horses on the hills. This is a must stop and look at his work…”

John B.
Los Angeles, CA

“Driving down the 79… and I see an amazing assortment of metal sculptures that I was already on my way to see in Borrego Springs. I had to pull in to check it out, everything you can imagine is here on the side of the road… so cool.”

Dean P.
Santa Clarita, CA

“If you are interested in purchasing metal sculptures, this is the spot to go. Everything from horses to dragons to stage coaches. Amazing stuff that is a must see!”

Lucky S.
Los Angeles, CA

“Ricardo is so talented and friendly! My friends and I stopped at his yard after our hike and purchased a few art pieces.”

S L.
Los Angeles, CA

“It’s like an outdoor art museum…if you’re in the area it’s worth a stop here for a look around. The weathered rusted pieces look super cool and are perfectly suited for the dessert environment. It’s really fascinating to see how metal can be welded to bring out so much character. It must have taken years to perfect the art and build up rows and rows of inventory. They have lots of animals in various poses, the dinosaurs seem believably life like. Since they’re out in the dessert,there are quite a few Western pieces like cowboys and cacti. The most impressive to me was the stagecoach out front, Wells Fargo needs to buy a few!”

Karen C.
Pasadena, CA